Terk FMPro Indoor/Outdoor Antenna

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Terk FMPro Indoor/Outdoor Antenna
Terk FMPro Indoor/Outdoor Antenna Detail

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Terk FMPro Indoor/Outdoor Antenna Description

TERK FM50 Indoor/Outdoor Dual-Drive Amplified FM Antenna For two decades, TERK has been the leader in AM/FM home antennas. Since the very first AM/FM Tower, TERK radio antennas have featured distinct designs and ease-of-use coupled with high-performance technology. TERK AM/FM antennas fit the needs of every household by providing simple, practical solutions together with high-quality radio reception. Enjoy music, news, sports and talk radio with a TERK antenna. It improves F…

Ultimate-Quality FM Reception. The TERK FM Pro is specifically engineered to provide the highest-quality FM reception for listeners seeking the ultimate in FM antenna performance. The FM Pro utilizes a patented horizontally polarized, half-wavelength (at 98MHz) foldeddipole design that maximizes FM signal reception of even weak and distant stations. The FM Pros figure 8 pickup pattern captures signals from in front of and behind it with equal strength, allowing optimum positioning for re…

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Terk FMPro Indoor/Outdoor Antenna

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